Glitter Sized Solar Cells on the Way

These cells use 1% of the material of a standard cell but have similar performance.

They are small enough to conform to complex or flexible surfaces.  A solar powered jacket some day?  Maybe.

Another benefit is that if one cell in an array dies, the array only loses a small percentage of its generating capability.

The cells are currently 14.9% efficient which falls comfortably above the bottom of the range of current solar cells.  I expect that further development will increase their efficiency.

You can read more in this press release from Sandia Labs

Solar is a Great Energy Source…

I am studying the latest sources of technology that apply to the Sun. Solar energy and solar panels are interesting subjects. There are solar services available all over the US. Even some solar collectors to help you recharge electronic devices such as a laptop computer or a cell phone. When new information comes in, you can find out about it here.

This solar energy cartoon came in the email the other day that I thought I should share with you:


Once I decipher the signature I will give the Artist full credit.

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We’ve been Written up on Another Site!

Assist Solar has been written up on Local Beat based on an interview that they did with me.

I was really happy with it and I gave them some great information.   It looks lo good that I’ll be posting a lot of that info here soon!

Conservation of Solar Energy

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This one’s just posted for my own amusement.

Conservation of Solar Energy

Conservation of Solar Energy

Just Added – Timeline for leased solar power

Here is the time line for the lease program.